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Q&A with Bill Gates | 2019 Breakthrough Technology | MIT Technology Review
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Every year MIT curates 10 breakthroughs which would have a big impact on the world. Natural Language Processing, Wireless Charging, Augmented Reality and Gene Therapy etc life-changing technologies were identified by MIT before they went mainstream.
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How Bill sustains optimism in a world plagued by things like Climate Change, Political Polarisation,Disturbance caused by Social media etc
It is great that people are worried about the problems as it would require action. On Contrary trends like reduction in global inequity, progress in curing diseases of heart and cancer and we are progressing towards finding the cure of chronic diseases too like Depression and even Obesity. It is better to be born now than before and much more better 20 years from now.
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1. Lab Grown Meat
Only a quarter of Climate change problem would be solved by Clean energy and a large portion of gases comes from Beef production
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2. AI and Virtual Assistant
The computer today is very dumb but in coming 5 to 10 years they would be intelligent enough to have the executive assistant type of capabilities
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3. Reinvented Toilet
For poor countries to the capital costs to build a sewer system similar to rich countries is practically unattainable and but if sewage goes untreated it would seriously affect the quality of life there.
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4. Drug Depot for Poor Countries
Instead of Regular doctor check-ups, Poor countries can have drug depots which can regularly release drugs to protect them from diseases like HIV or TB etc
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Is Problem of Climate Change Political ?
Going for super expensive solutions just to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is not fair and Politics decides as to where to allocate resources. Its up to them how they make things attractive for companies and researchers working to solve this problem.
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5. Nuclear Power for Energy
Biggest motivator to pursue this technology is Climate Change. It has its own challenges when it comes to economics and safety. China so far looks most positive towards adapting it
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China's Growth in technology
China's strength in technology is impressive. The only question we need to think about is the innovation in China good for the world.The game of economics is never a zero-sum game but of the war it is a zero-sum game.
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